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Karen Vaucher releases 'Sylvester Starr'

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New juvenile fiction teaches early life lessons to kids

In one colorful picture book, author Karen Vaucher wraps up a unique tale about friendship, connection and life with the release of her debut title, "Sylvester Starr" (published by AuthorHouse). The adventure of Sylvester Starr aims to teach kids the values of appreciating the uniqueness of life and its blessings.

Set in a magical island called Dog Fish, the charming story of "Sylvester Starr" takes place. Sylvester Starr, a little starfish, is found by three young children while they are out in their boat lobstering. Little Katie wants to keep Sylvester for her very own as a pet, but Sylvester has other priorities concerning his life as a starfish. Along the way, the three children experience joy, disappointment and finally contentment as they learn one of life’s biggest lessons.

"Things are not always what they seem," Vaucher shares. "This is a story about learning to accept what life throws at you and to learn from it in a very positive way. Also, it is about caring for others and learning the importance of family values."

Filled with colorful illustrations that generally appeals to creative and lively imaginations, Sylvester's story helps bring smiles to readers of all ages. The book also contains explanatory knowledge on how to catch a lobster, as well as finding and taking proper care of starfishes. "Sylvester Starr," Vaucher reveals, is a book inspired by her real-life experience in an island of the same name. 

“Sylvester Starr”

By Karen Vaucher

Softcover | 8.5x11in | 48 pages | ISBN 9781496914804

E-Book | 48 pages | ISBN 9781496914811

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Girl reading Sylvester Starr

About the Author

Karen Vaucher spent 27 years in New York City and East Hampton, N.Y., operating several French Bistros and a gourmet store and catering facility.  She now lives on an 80-acre ranch in the Hill Country of Texas where she sells herbs, spices, black peppercorns from Madagascar and sea salts.  She is also a private caterer.  In addition, she cares for her ranch and her livestock which consists of a herd of goats, four llamas, a horse, two donkeys, chickens and several dogs and cats. “Sylvester Starr” is her first book.